Glomfjord, norway




  • Managing Director: Sissel Norum
  • Si recycling capacity: 500 MT multi Si, 500 MT mono Si


Si Pro has recycled silicon and specialty components in Glomfjord for more than 6 years. We have continuously worked on improving and expanding the services to our customers, and our Glomfjord facility now process a wide range of silicon materials and related specialty components.



Tuas, Singapore











  • Managing Director: Nelson Yoh
  • Si recycling capacity: 1000 MT multi Si


We commenced operations on our Singapore facility in April, 2010. Our Si Pro Singapore team is working in close collaboration with our experienced team in Glomfjord, and hence combines a strong Norwegian recycling tradition with new and innovative competency from the Singapore based semiconductor industry. We see a great potential for further business opportunities in the Singapore area.



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