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Silicon recycling

Si Pro recycles both mono- and multicrystalline silicon off-cuts from leading photovoltaic ingot and wafer manufacturers. We take contaminated silicon off-cuts of any size, shape or impurity level and process them into clean, high quality silicon to be used alongside with virgin polysilicon in the production of photovoltaic silicon ingots.

























Our focus: High yield, high quality, low cost.


Our customers understand that price per kg recycled material is not the only parameter of significance when it comes to silicon recycling. The process throughput yield and material quality could be even more important. As an example, given a virgin polysilicon price of 50 USD/kg, a negative yield difference of 10% would impose an additional indirect cost of 5 USD/kg to the customer.




Specialty components recycling

Si Pro process several specialty components used in the manufacturing of silicon ingots and wafers. Such specialty components represent a significant cost to our customers, and is of great importance to them in their manufacturing. That is why we constantly work to improve our processes and enhance the utilization of these components.





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